Classic headshots are a dying art

source Here is something you don’t hear everyday: The classic headshot is a dying art. Yes, I am serious. It seems everyday there are more and more “photographers” for clients to choose from. Social media makes it easy to set up a facebook page and call yourself a photographer. One thing that has become clear is that you are seeing tons of offerings for headshots but, to be frank, most are not well done.  In recent years most of the headshot offerings are with available light or poor lighting. I do think you can achieve wonderful results with available light – heck, that is one of my favourite techniques on any given Saturday covering a wedding.  A classic headshot usually involves a minimum of 4 controlled lights. Getting the 3 dimensional lighting and proper light control takes skills and practice.  It is something that is hard to mask with software. As a result you are seeing the “classic headshot” less and less and I suspect this will continue with the “walmarts” of the world being the option that many choose. The truth is – if you are a business person, selling yourself is one of the biggest parts of the process so saving a couple of dollars for a proper headshot could end up costing you thousands in the long run. Just sayin’…

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