Hoping for rain here in Nova Scotia

can you buy viagra with paypal So before I say this I want all my brides to put on their “earmuffs”. I want it to rain and rain hard. Here in Nova Scotia things are extremely dry and there have been fires burning out of control near Kejiimkujik National park!

follow link Pam and I are smack in the middle of our wedding season and last weekend we had a Friday wedding but a clear Saturday! Pam and I headed to one of our favourite places, Kejimkujik National Park (Keji) for a couple nights under the starts to unplug from the computer and recharge the batteries!

It certainly was an interesting visit! With wildfires burning nearby and the air abuzz with the sound of water bombers refilling in the lake next to our site, there was a sense of tension and appreciation for all those fighting to get the fires under control.

KijiFire1 KijiFire2

It was the night sky weekend at Keji so Pam and I headed out to Peter Point on our second evening for sunset and night skies.  The skies had mostly cleared after a cloudy start to our trip.  As the sun set and the stars started appearing during the long 30 second exposure the fires burning in the distance created a glow of red and the clouds and smoke separated by the clear night sky certainly made a very interesting panoramic landscape images.

KijiFire3As the night got darker I pointed my camera in the opposite direction to capture this image.

KijiFire4The return to our site required a 3 km walk through the dark wooded forest. Needless to say, Pam and I make sure to make lots of noise on the trail. 24 hours after our hike the wind shifted direction and the smoke from the fire caused bad air quality throughout the park. This trail was also closed due to the dry conditions.

At the time of this writing this fire was the only fire not under control. Kejiimkujik National park is not only a treasure to us all but its also one of my favourite places on earth. The fact this fire threatens it all is very scary! So like many of us here in Nova Scotia I am hoping for rain!


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