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It’s been a while since I posted on the blog so I figured it was about time! Now that I am no longer in the middle of my peak season I hope to share more of what we have been up to lately.

This past summer Pam and I decided to try a destination wedding/camping trip so off we drove to Newfoundland. Well, we took the ferry 🙂 Both the wedding and our camping trip were on the beautiful West Coast. We spent most of the week camping and it started beautiful, but chilly.

NewFoundland 1

During our adventure we heard there were icebergs that broke off and floated inland to a place called Kings Point. I may have gotten lost down a backroad on the way, but that’s another story. I should mention that the people are extremely friendly when you arrive at a wilderness lodge at the end of a dirt road.  We eventually made it and although it was overcast we found an iceberg in this magic little fishing village.

NewFoundland 2

The next evening we decided to explore more of Gros Morne National Park. The clouds were dramatic and rain was soon to follow.

NewFoundland 3

And then it rained a lot.

A lot.

We took advantage of the opportunity to put down the camera, just relax, and meet new friends.

Soon after, we packed up the wet tent to head back down the West Coast in preparation for the wedding. Ironically, once we were staying in the warm dry shelter of a hotel the sky finally cleared. This of course meant we had to find somewhere to appreciate sunset and we did 🙂  It was our last free evening on the Island, so we took full advantage of the spectacular views.

You may have noticed that I was seeing each scene as a panoramic to best tell the story of the landscape of this part of the world.

NewFoundland 4

The next morning we awoke to… Oh yes, the wedding. Remember, we were there for a wedding. We woke up to a beautiful sunny day and a fabulous couple to share that day with! Needless to say, but Alison and Tyson’s wedding was a blast!  We were super stoked that our friends wanted us to capture their special day in such a beautiful place! Folks, we will definately be back!

Newfoundland 1 5

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In the ever-changing “landscape” of being a photographer we are expected to post our latest work to a variety of social media networks to “show” that we have been busy. Although I know it’s important  to show our latest work to potential, and even existing clients, the reality of the situation is that it’s very time consuming. Another reality is that a lot of the more “popular” wedding photographers worldwide, that are posting often to social media, very often are passing off their post-processing to assistants and even outside companies. To insure that each and every image I produce is as I created it to be I post-process all my own work. This is extremely time consuming and my first priority is delivering top quality work in a timely manner to my existing clients. That said, I am looking forward to sharing lots of new images in the New Year! In the meantime I stepped away from my normal workflow this morning and stitched this panoramic landscape to share with you 🙂


There are a ton of reasons why I love being a wedding photographer. One of my favorites is capturing unscripted moments. This image was taken while doing a bridal portrait for the last wedding of the season. A sudden and strong change in wind direction meant that the fountain that our lovely bride Kelsey was standing in front of quickly became a unexpected shower.
She came out of it a little chilly, but unscathed:)


Here today in Nova Scotia we have a tropical Cyclone off the coast making it’s way up the Atlantic ocean and it’s been dark and gloomy for days! Here is a images taken in Newfoundland last month after days of rain to remind us that the skies do eventually clear! #PhotoFriday



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