follow link Ok I will admit it! I have been sucking out in social media! This time of year my priority is getting wedding images to my clients in a reasonable time frame. So that means editing. Lots and lots of editing! When I am not shooting I am editing it seems and I have been shooting a lot these days! Yesterday I took the “day off” well “sort of”. Pam and I decided to go play and shoot some more fashion inspired images with our friend Melissa:) She was home visiting from Toronto where she works a a professional stunt woman and is a natural beauty in front of the camera!

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I admit it! I have always been drawn to Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia.   I know, I know – it’s overdone. In fact, it may be one of the most photographed places in Canada – certainly here in Atlantic Canada!

Years ago, when I was a teenager it was this very place that I exposed my very first roll of film. My mother still has an 8×10 print from that very roll of film hanging on her wall. Still years later I am draw to it’s shoreline. Ashley and Liam found me on the internet and although we have had several phone conversations we met for the first time in person last Friday night. Pam assisted me and I decided to push a little harder and get some new angles and views. I believe we achieved that and ended up having an amazing session with some great people!  The ever changing lighting conditions and fog certainly kept it interesting. I can hardly wait till they get married later this month!

PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement1 PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement2 PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement3 PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement4 PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement5 PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement6

PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement8 PeggysCove_Nova Scotia_Engagement7

Complete with a lingering snowfall, the 2015 season has started! Here is a sneak peek from a local wedding with Kelly and Phil. I could not think of a more perfect way to start the season:) I should mention that I still have a couple of prime weekends left for the Fall for this year and have started our 2016 bookings!

Halifax wedding



Those who know me well know that I always have a special place in my heart for animals. Over the years I have been an active volunteer with the SPCA and have a constant bond with my maine coons. This is my baby Kamper who is about 8 and a half months and growing fast! I promised this time around to properly document him after having to say good bye to a fur baby and realizing the importance of this. Here is one in the series. If you are interested in a portrait of your own fur baby we would love to hear from you:)  To see more in the series you can visit here


F a c e B o o k
I n s t r a g r a m
G o o g l e   P l u s